Rustic Wedding Venue 🧳🐷🌿 Jonny and Darcee Marry in a Barn!

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The rustic wedding venue was nice. It really was! But for Jonathan and Darcee there was something else that really gave their wedding a spirit of its own. Their family. Jonathan and Darcee have two little girls, and they wanted to include them as much as possible throughout the day. So they were hiding next to the barn during the first look, and wouldn’t even let mum and dad get some space later in the evening!! 😉

And so it is with their wedding video. Their story is not just a capture of ‘objective events’ that happened to take place on a wedding day, but it’s a capture of who the real Jonathan and Darcee are. Their nervous, humour and candid responses to how their wedding day all unfolded. The faceoff around who will say their vows first, and the well-planned speech that Jonny made! 😂. It’s a story of the real them, as they journey through their wedding day events. So here’s how things all unfolded. The authentic them, their wedding and the family they cherish so much!!