Rustic Wedding Decor

Grandma & Grandpa have been working hard the last 8 weeks to prepare for my little brothers wedding reception. This is a glimpse of the rustic wedding decor at the reception. The awesome tree cake holder is my favorite!

Grandma and one sister-in-law made paper flowers. They are so pretty and can be used again, which is a nice bonus.

Grandpa cut a this medallions from logs to create wood chargers for the serving table.

The backdrops were built from old fences and wood siding we had on the property.

We used an assortment of bushel baskets, crates, twigs (from pruning the apple trees!), and burlap to decorate the exterior.

Grandpa used the CNC mill to carve out a sign for the backdrop. He also cut out several hearts and letters for the signing table.

We used other rustic nick-knacks to fill in.

I thought it turned out amazing. What do you think? I will try to post another quick video with it a bit more complete and a few pictures from the reception. If you have any questions, send us an email!