Rustic Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

In this video You will see how to make a rustic wedding cake with Fresh Flowers. See my buttercream texture technique. Popular among brides in Connecticut these barn wedding cakes are simply beautiful. Use a spatula or spoon to create buttercream frosting texture effect. The bride asked for fresh flowers to be placed on her beautiful and delicious cake. The cake layers are made from scratch using one of the most popular wedding cake flavors. Orange butter cake and can be found in my book, Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by-Step (link is below)

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Recap of the rustic wedding cake with fresh flowers

0:16 the start of the frosting using tip 789 (the icing tip) and a spatula to make the horizontal lines in the buttercream

1:00 placing the plastic dowels into the wedding cake tiers

1:32 Frosting the 10 inch center cake

1:52 Icing the 6 inch top tier

2:13 cake delivery, set up and decorating with fresh flowers

4:03 Toast to a successful delivery.

Lorelie Carvey
Baking and Cake Decorating Consultant

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RECIPES and TECHNIQUES used in this video

My Best Buttercream

Orange Vanilla Butter Cake

Rustic wedding cake with fresh flowers