DJ GIG LOG: Party Goes Overtime | Rustic Outside WEDDING | Mobile DJ Tips

Vlog 069 – Saturday • September 03, 2016

Sorry about the long gig log. I had a lot of footage from this party and I didn’t want it to go to waste so I decided to include as much as possible. There is so much going on in this particular GIG LOG I vlogged it from top to bottom. This video will give you a look at what its like to be a wedding DJ. In this gig log I bring to a rustic outside wedding, which kinda of reminded me of the twilight wedding scene. At this particular party I not only DJ’ed the actual wedding ceremony but, also the cocktail hour and party as well. I share with you guys some tips on DJing wedding as well as my views on outside wedding. This party went supper long, I ended up doing 3+ Hours of over time for this couple. Their guest would not leave because they where having so much fun. I myself enjoyed the wedding but, found that it was a bit too long for my taste. Overall this was an awesome event and I hope you guys enjoy it. I will also be taking some time off from doing gig logs because lately thats all I’ve been posting and I just have not been enjoying my latest videos. Hope you understand.

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