16 – DIY Bohemian | Rustic | Vintage Themed Centerpiece

Inspired by the very perfection and absolute beauty of nature, we have created a centerpiece / table runner. It’s focus is on the leaves, the roses and the filler flowers.

Added objects (items) can give a more overwhelming look instead of the simplistic natural feel that we have opted for and can be used for a bohemian theme or other nature themes.

Centerpieces like these create an eco-friendly feel and looks beautiful when used for weddings or even a morning tea, etc. Depending on the event, the choice and of colour of your flowers may change here and there.

Brides who are looking for a mainly simplistic feel can now have elegant and classy wedding décor without it being over the top.

Depending on the items used with this centerpiece such as the candles, the table numbers, etc. different aesthetics can be created from the foundation of the centerpiece (which are the flowers).

Centerpieces for themes like rustic, vintage or even spring tea can be created from the foundation of this tutorial.

As always, thank you for watching.