One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Ray Lewis

This is one of the Best Speeches Ever from Ray Lewis on the story behind his jersey number 52 and on Effort.

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Speaker: Ray Lewis

“I grabbed this deck of cards, and I flipped a 7. And I started doing seven push-ups. I flipped a 6; I did six. I flipped a 9; I did nine. I flipped a 2; I did two. I flipped another 9; I did nine until I got all the way through the deck. Jack, Queen, King worth 10. Aces – 25 and Jokers – 50. Until I got sick and tired of what pain felt like in my gut…I shuffled them all over again, and I started doing sit-ups. I wanted to make sure sports wasn’t the reason I started training. It was to make sure another man never put his hands on my mama…” – Ray Lewis


Video/Audio Sources:

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Dreamport9 was a Ping Pong Studios Channel

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