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Top 18 Bridal Designers in India – Best Wedding Dresses

Best Indian Wedding Dress Designers. For the most unforgettable day of her life, every girl deserves to look and feel beautiful and this can not be possible without the right dress. But which Indian bridal designers are the best? How affordable are Indian dress designers?  Find all your answers here today.

We’ve compiled a list of the top bridal dress designers in India along with some who are really affordable for brides on a budget. So have a look and let us know who your favorite one is.

Best Indian Bridal Designers

BEST-INDIAN-BRIDAL-DESIGNERS-1024x768 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

Who Are the Top Bridal Dress Designers in India?

↓ 18 – Mahima Mahajan and Natasha Dallal

↓ 17 – Jayanti Reddy

↓ 16 – Bhumika Sharma

↓ 15 – Jade By Monica and Karishma

↓ 14 – Rimple and Harpreet Narula

↓ 13 – Gaurav Gupta

↓ 12 – Rocky S

↓ 11 – J J Valaya

↓ 10 – Anamika Khanna

↓ 9 – Rohit Bal

↓ 8 – Ritu Kumar

↓ 7 – Shantanu and Nikhil

↓ 6 – Neeta Lulla

↓ 5 – Manish Malhotra

↓ 4 – Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

↓ 3 – Tarun Tahiliani

↓ 2 – Anita Dongre

↓ 1 – Sabyasachi Mukherjee


Choosing Best Bridal Designer

Choosing the right bridal dress designer and a dress style are two of the most difficult decisions that a girl ever makes. So here are some simple tips to help you make the right call.

  • Start by deciding on a budget and be open when discussing it with the chosen designer.
  • Keep an eye out for sales and designer discounts. Some designers even let you bring your own fabrics so if you can find your fabric of choice at a good price, it can make your dress more affordable.
  • When it comes to choosing the dress designer, make sure that you do your research and short-list the designers whose work is in line with what you’re looking for.
  • If you’re going for a new and affordable designer, make sure to check with their previous clients and get to know their reputation.
  • When going for the wedding dress appointment, make sure that you go early as this is the time when you and your designer will both be most fresh and energetic to come up with some great ideas.
  • When choosing a wedding dress silhouette, always keep your body shape in mind instead of blindly going for something that’s trending or looks good on a model.

How to Buy Indian Bridal Dress If You Do Not Live In India?

We can all agree on the fact that Indian designers do a tremendous job when it comes to bridal dresses. The lehenga cholis are their heritage and the way they design and stitch the outfits, it is impossible to be done in any other part of the world. Unfortunately, not all of us can visit the designers’ showrooms to witness their masterpieces and some of you might even be wondering how can you get your hands on these beautiful dresses. Well, as the task might be difficult, it is not entirely impossible. A lot of Indian designers showcase their creations in exhibitions all around the world. That is one way you can get to see their bridal dresses and pick the ones you like and place your orders. Otherwise, a number of Indian designers are very helpful and enjoy doing business with customers that live abroad. For such customers, they also take orders online. You can pick dresses from their Instagram feeds and place your orders, send your measurements according to their requirements and have your dress delivered to your doorstep. How great is that!

↓ 18 – Most Affordable Indian Bridal Designer

Mahima Mahajan and Natasha Dalal are both our top choices when it comes to affordable lehngas. And being affordable doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality because these designers are creating bridal lehengas that are simply lovable. Both of them are relatively new designers but they’re immensely talented and creative. You can get a gorgeous lehenga designed by Mahima for under 50 thousand rupees and by Natasha Dalal for under 1 lakh. Have a look at 20 Latest Lehenga choli Styles These Days.

affordable-indian-bridal-designer-393x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


best-affordable-indian-bridal-designers-500x494 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 17 – Jayanti Reddy

The dresses are epitomes of Indian traditions. Keeping the real essence of culture in mind, the designer creates beautiful dresses to be worn by brides on their big day. The designs are sure to make your experience a memorable one.

jayanti-reddy Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 16 – Bhumika Sharma

Here lehngas and anarkali dresses can make any bride look like a princess for her big day.

indian-bridal-designers-500x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 15 – Jade By Monica And Karishma

The bridal dresses are heavy and traditional. Jade has also been a choice of our favorite celebrities for various occasions. Rather than the sparkling and shimmering work on bridal dresses, Jade does its dresses more towards a matte heavy look. The materials used on their dresses are more towards the dull tones that are used in large quantities to create a heavy look. The dresses can be easily called elegant.

jade-by-monica-and-karishma Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

jade Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 14 – Rimple And Harpreet Narula

A husband and wife duo that is creating dresses that are sure to leave your jaws dropped. Rimple and Harpreet are also the designers behind the royal dresses that the cast of the film Padmavat wore for the project. If you have watched the movie you must be aware of how wonderful their dresses are. The designers also showcase their dresses in exhibitions on their trips to different countries. Their designs stand on authentic Indian tastes. The entire approach towards all the dresses is kept strictly traditional. They make use of a unique form of wirework for their dresses along with which they use resham and gota embellishments. The look of their bridal dresses is heavy and luxurious. If you wish to dress up like a typical eastern bride, their dresses are a great choice for you. You can get a decent Rimple and Harpreet bridal dress for $2400 which is an affordable price range for a designer’s dress.

rimple-and-harpreet Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

rimple Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 13 – Gaurav Gupta

Known for styling numerous Bollywood stars, Gaurav Gupta is also a popular choice of the elite Indians as their bridal designer. The designer is much known for his use of pastel hues and creating elegant pieces that are sure to leave the wearer feeling like royalty. He uses flowy fabrics in his dresses and makes use of several yards to give the dresses their majestic feel and look. The designs are modern but also retain the cultural feel of the eastern region. He makes his designs look lush not through heavy embellishments but through the cuts and fabric investment he makes in his dresses.

gaurav-gupta Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

gaurav Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 12 – Rocky S

Rocky S is the perfect designer for contemporary brides. Not all girls want to go for the authentic cultural look for their weddings; some want it to be ultra-modern and spiced up rather than the traditional eastern bride. If you are someone who wants to step out of the ethnic zone and look glamorous and modern on your big day, Rocky S has just the perfect styles for you. His designs incorporate western cuts in easter handwork. Such artistry is not very easy to pull off but Rocky S has all of us awed with his fascinating creations.

Rocky-S Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 11 – J J Valaya

His designs are unique and the handwork is intricate. That is what makes this designer one of the best among the Indian bridal designers. His work is based on a fusion of historic Indian artifacts brought forward in the form of dresses that are fit to wear in the present day India.

jj-valaya Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 10 – Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna is another top-notch bridal designer of the Indian fashion industry. The designer has been a choice of many Bollywood stars for their dresses as well. Sonam Kapoor wore a couple of Anamika Khanna dresses for her wedding festivities and Mira Kapoor chose the designer to be the one behind her gorgeous bridal dress. The designer brings forward a unique range of dresses that are both, ethnic and modern at the same time. The work on her bridal dresses is profound and speaks of being unordinary.

anamika Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 9 – Rohit Bal

Renowned Indian designer, Rohit Bal is the master of creating bridal dresses that contain a balanced combination of thread work and other various embellishments. Resham or thread makes the basic material in his embroideries to create intricate and unique patterns. Further handwork is incorporated in the beautifully threaded embroideries to give the dresses their heavy look. The designer does a great job with velvet fabrics and creates amazing bridal dresses using the lush double tones of the velvet. His designs depict the authentic Indian culture and heritage every time.

rohit-bal Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

rohit Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses

↓ 8 – Ritu Kumar

How gorgeous is this vibrant colored banarsi lehnga for the classic Indian bridal look? Ritu Kumar launched her brand in 1969 and after all these decades, she has become more of a trendsetter than just a designer. If you have to describe her bridal wear in two words then it would surely be ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful.’ The best thing about her is that despite being an Internationally acclaimed designer, her outfits are pretty much reasonable especially as compared to other designers on the list. For more outfit inspiration, here are 25 Indian Celebrity Snapchat Accounts to follow.

top-indian-designer-for-brides-500x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 7 – Shantanu and Nikhil

Nothing beats a simple and elegant gold colored bridal dress. It’s all about royalty and grandeur and designers Shantanu and Nikhil add to the grandeur of this color with their exquisite hand embroidery and dramatic drapes. So if you want to wear a gold dress on any of your wedding days, then this is the designer to go for.

top-indian-bridal-designer-1-437x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 6 – Neeta Lulla

This amazing designer is the only one to have won four national awards and she has been a favorite when it comes to Indian bridal wear, for more than two decades. She is not just acclaimed nationally but she has also been highly active in the International fashion scene as she recently collaborated for the famous band ‘The Chainsmokers’. The most recent news is that she will be designing the wedding dress for the favorite Indian comedian Bharti Singh. Her bridal wear is the best choice for girls who are looking for a contemporary bridal look. Do check out these Latest Bridesmaid Lehenga Designs.

top-indian-bridal-wear-500x493 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dressesbest-indian-bridal-designers--500x496 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dressesbest-indian-bridal-designers-1-395x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 5 – Manish Malhotra

His name needs no introduction and he undoubtedly is the king of bridal couture. Here we see one of the most beautiful silver bridal outfit designed by Manish Malhotra. His bridal outfits are always in line with the latest fashion trends and it can be seen here too in the form of the fringed cuffs and a bold neckline. His outfits always are a true definition of ethereal. You should also have a look at the Top 20 Bridal Dresses by Manish Malhotra.

top-indian-bridal-designer-500x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 4 – Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Aby Jani and Sandeep Khosla are the co-founders of one of the best Indian designer wear brands and we often see Sonam Kapoor looking marvelous in their creations. Here we see Sonakshi looking pretty in a pink outfit by the awesome duo. best-indian-bridal-designer--500x498 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 3 – Tarun Tahiliani

Here we see a beautifully detailed saree designed by Tarun that is embellished with Swarovski crystals and Gara embroidery. Tarun is one of the most often chose designers by the Bollywood queen Kareena Kapoor for attending special events. If you plan on wearing a saree for your big day, check out these 23 Latest Indian Wedding Saree Styles to Try this Year.

top-indian-bridal-wear-designers-496x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 2 – Anita Dongre

She’s a designer who gives true contemporary colors to the extravagantly beautiful and traditional Indian aesthetics. Here you can have a glimpse of her latest collection of 2018/2019, which is inspired by the Rajasthani culture. The outfits include zari work, beautiful embroideries, gota, banarsi creations and so much more. As always, this collection of Anita’s is also a very versatile and practical one.

top-indian-bridal-designers Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


↓ 1 – Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabyasachi tops our list of Indian bridal wear simply because of the designer’s commitment to perfection which can be seen even in the most intricate details of his products. The mastermind behind this brand is Sabyasachi Mukherjee himself and he has been in the business since 1999. We’ve seen many great celebrities take pride in wearing his outfits and jewelry, such as Deepika Padukone, Kangna Ranaut and many more. Rani Mukherjee chose to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga for her own wedding. For all these reasons, Sabyasachi continues to be an Indian bride’s dream designer.

indian-designer-wear-for-brides-500x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dressesbest-indian-bridal-designers-500x497 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dressesindian-bridal-designer-wear-500x500 Top 18 Bridal Designers in India - Best Wedding Dresses


These are all the best Indian bridal designers that are sure to have you loving their dresses. Most of these designers have been chosen by celebrities on multiple occasions and that is what vouches for their work. Let us know which designer you liked the best from this helpful list.


Best Indian Wedding outfits for men: 5 outfits that make you stand-out

We all want to have fun at weddings, dance insanely, check out girls, enjoy some tasty food. But, the most frustrating question we face is “What should I wear… Man”. Don’t worry, I got you covered this time. We just need to consider two basic things, i.e. weather & relation. Now, Let’s find what to wear this wedding season.

1. Indo- Western

Indo- Western is the most popular wedding attire these days. But the problem with this attire is its variations. It’s quite annoying to choose the right set.

indo western - trending vibez

If it’s the wedding of someone who’s closely related, like your best friend or your cousin or brother, you must go with Indo-Western. But make sure, if it’s your friend’s wedding then don’t go with too embroidered or eye-catchy colors.

best indian wedding outfits for men. trending vibez- anurag pandey

Try to make it a perfect fit and, must not forget accessories that will compliment your overall attire. This is probably one of the best Indian wedding outfits for men.

2. A Suit

A well-fitted Suit always leaves its mark. This is one of the most versatile and an evergreen attire, which can never disappoint you.

men's fashion- trending vbez

You may find numerous variations and designs such as a three-piece suit, A tuxedo and you may go with blazer and suspenders also.

best wedding outfit for men

But it’s totally forbidden to go without a Brosch, pocket square, tie or bow-tie and a classic timepiece. Match your shoes with your tie.

We’ll go in detail in my next article about different styles of suits.

3. Kurta Pyjama

If you want a proper Indian traditional touch in your wedding outfit, you’re gonna love this one. Yes, I’m talking about Kurta Pyjama.

Kurta Pajama- Trending Vibez

When you want to keep it simple but yet significant, and want to keep aside western clothes, this is your scene. It’s so versatile, you can wear anywhere, reception, and an engagement. But not in Shaadi, coz it makes you look too simple. You can also find a large variety of kurta pyjama like Pathani, Designer, simple, etc.

4. Nehru Jacket with Kurta Churidar

This is a perfect outfit for functions like engagement, lagan, tilak. You can enhance your appearance to a whole new level by adding a Nehru Jacket or Basket.

Indian wedding outfit

You can also experiment with this outfit, by adding some contrasting or matching jackets or some designer pieces.

You may also read some grooming tips for step into any wedding or occasion.

5. Plain Sherwani

Sherwani is one of the best Indian wedding outfits for men, but you must wear it only when it comes to the wedding of your blood relations.

plain sherwani- trending vibez

You may wear Sherwani for your perfect Baraat look. It’s basically the combination of class and ethnicity. Nothing can be more graceful with a simple yet elegant set of Sherwani.

Combine it with right set of jutis and velvet stole, and there is your perfect look. Wear it pagdi to look more cool and baraati.

So, these are my views on my 5 different India wedding attire for men. And please note, this is not for the Groom’s perspective.


16 Perfect Indian Bridal Gowns To Steal The Show On Your Big Day

Ditch the cliched lehengas this time and experiment with the best of Indian bridal gowns collection trending huge this season. We’ve specially curated Top 18 Indo-Western Lehengas you can take inspiration from before buying one. Pick your favorite and get started with the preparations to have your dream wedding dress.


1. Perfection In Pink

It’s high time you ditch the usual cliched lehengas and sarees, we have found the perfect Indian bridal dress for you. This pink gown is everything you need to make a statement on your wedding day. We are in love with the incredible amount of detailing done to the outfit to make it look so dreamy. Accessorize the neck with beautiful golden jewelry for a complete look.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


2. Shades Of Maroon

When in doubt go for this beautiful color combination of maroon, golden and bronze as it goes perfectly with each other. It’s definitely raising the bar for any wedding wear outfit. The whole outfit is designed fabulously – With a unique style and trending colour, you’ll be making a fashion statement to make all the others turn their head towards you.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


3. Pastels Beauty

Ditch the usual and go for something indo-western like this one. The offbeat color combination makes the gown design more enhanced, and the golden detailings makes it stand out from the rest of the usual Indian wedding gowns. It’s totally one of those bridal dresses you’ve wanted to experiment with.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


4. The Runway Queen

This darkly shaded gown with a  combination of White, Golden And Beige Embroidery has our heart. We love how it’s simple yet so beautiful. If minimalistic is your style, then this one seems to be the perfect match. It’s a perfect example of a wedding gown which looks elegant and simplistic even after the tremendous amount of detailing because of the color.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Baby Pink Is The New Red

Gone are the days when wedding wear was all about the color red – It’s time to bring PINK in fashion as well. Much detailed and exquisite embroidery work on the whole body makes this wedding gown perfect for the bride-to-be. It will be the perfect catch for your reception or engagement to make all the heads turn towards you. Pair it with some heavy neck jewelry and plain makeup to make you look the cover book look to make friends inspired and foes jealous of you.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


6. Floral Queen

This baby pink overall floral gown is another example of a minimalistic yet elegant Indian wedding dress. Mark this outfit for your engagement as it’s versatile and looks just right or a pre-wedding function. We bet the groom would’nt be able to take his eyes off you. If florals are your favorite then you have found the right wedding outfit.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


7. Pretty In Pink

With heavy embroidery all over the gown- this wedding dress design is best suited for fulfilling your wedding shopping list. This wedding gown defines classy right on point as the color choice and floral patterns look absolutely dreamy. This pink bridal gown is totally a great investment as it can be worn even after your wedding gets over.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


8. Never Getting Enough Of Greys

Bored of the usual cliched sequins gowns? Try something completely out of the box. Go for a beautiful floral embroidered grey gown this wedding season – this minimalist Indian wedding gown is a classic in itself. We’re in love with how elegant and classy it looks – What are you waiting for? Take your wedding outfit inspiration from this one.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


9. Bling It On

The deep neck can never go out of fashion, and not only it makes your assets look great but also gives your heavy accessories a good flash. This beautiful Indian wedding dress is perfect for this season and looks absolutely stunning. It’s a perfect match for your engagement outfit.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


10. Class Apart With Beige & Golden

Looking for a simplistic yet designer look? This indo-western wedding gown will solve all your fashion woes for your engagement. If experimenting with colors is not your thing then you can never go wrong with beige and golden. We just can’t take our eyes off this stunning designer gown.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


11. Dreamy Engagement Gown

This dreamy engagement gown looks absolutely stunning and we just can’t take our eyes off this one. The off-shoulder sleeve adds extra charm to the whole wedding dress. It has an indo-western feel to it which makes it look more dreamy and out of the box. Make a statement on your engagement with this stunning Indian wedding gown.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


12. When In Doubt, Go For White

If you’re comfortable with sleeveless gowns then this beautiful bridal dress is just what you need. The rusted silver detailing on the gown makes it look more unique and dreamy. Don’t forget to pair it with some dazzling accessories and edgy heels for a complete look. The sequins work looks extremely chic and contemporary and would compliment any bride for sure.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


13. Make Your Fairytale True

When looking for Indian wedding gowns for wedding reception then this one seems to be a perfect match. This wedding gown looks absolutely dreamy, we bet you’ll have everybody’s attention on you. It’s time to make your fairytale outfit come alive on your big day. It’s definitely one of the best gowns for Indian wedding reception function – we just can’t deny that!


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


14. Trending In White

Nothing defines beauty more accurately than this beautiful Indian wedding gown. From detailing to the unique waist belt, from the draping style to the accessories – This bridal dress has it all that you’ve been looking for in a single outfit. Hats off it’s definitely the best one from the rest.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


15. Simplicity Speaks Volume

If too much work and detailing is not your thing then this baby pink wedding gown is just the perfect match for your pre-wedding functions or engagement. Now it comes down to you how heavily you want to accessorize this minimalistic bridal dress. The floral work on the gown is also making it stand out and look super elegant for any occasion.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


16. Sober & Sophisticated

Not everybody is fond of detailing or cliched golden/silver gowns – go offbeat on your engagement day with this fabulous dull mint green wedding gown. The embroidery on the gown and sleeves makes it look more versatile and elegant. This Indian wedding dress is definitely an offbeat one to stand out on your big day.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


Now that you know all the trendy gowns in the market, select the one you like the best and be wedding READY!


Best Markets To Shop Wedding Essentials From:

1. Wedding Shopping In Mumbai


Santa Cruz Market is also famous for wedding shopping – find the best of trending lehengas, traditional suits, sarees and a lot more at reasonable prices. You’ll also find replicas of designer lehengas – we bet you’ll fall in love with them. Not just readymade clothing but you can also buy fancy fabrics and accessories from this one-stop market. It’s open daily from 10:0am to 9:00pm.




You’ll be spoilt for choices when you’ll reach Zaveri Bazaar as it’s the places dominated by jewellery vendors all around. It’s the hub for all kind of pieces of jewellery you have on your wishlist – Name it and they’ll have it. You’ll find sales on the best of gold jewellery here, be it artificial or real. This bazaar has got it’s bling game on point with fancy finger rings and necklaces to catch your attention.




This amazing market offers a great variety of wedding wear which includes fabrics, readymade sarees, lehengas and accesssories too. It’s also possible to bargain at this market as it offers a huge variety of traditional salwar kameez and sarees as well. You’ll find small standalone fabric stores and fancy boutiques to shop from. This market is located in Dadar – East and is open daily from 10:00am to 9:00pm.



2. Wedding Shopping in Delhi


Do you have a wedding coming up in the family? Don’t worry Chandni Chowk will definitely sort out all your worries as they’ve got the best showrooms to buy stunning wedding wear. Buy the best of designer lehengas at the cheapest prices only at Chandni Chowk – you’ll find the most stunning lehengas, sarees, suits & gowns at unbelievable rates at this wholesale market in Delhi That’s not all as this market also has the best street food and other shops which sell cheap camera accessories, home products, accessories and what not. The Kinari bazar is mostly famous for all the crazy wedding shopping you can do. Zari and Zardozi trimmings and tinsel, fabrics, borders, laces, and so many more things can be found here. Apart from that, you can also find fancy party wear and go on a crazy shopping spree while you are here.




If you’re looking for pre-wedding outfits, wedding gifts, suits for the groom then Lajpat Nagar is just the right wholesale market to find the best fabrics in town. You’ll find stunning outfits for all wedding – functions from engagement to Mehendi till the big day. You’ll find several shops to rend bridal jewelry as well so have a look around each corner to get the best out of this market.




Your on-point shopping hubs for designer sarees, suits and lehengas. If your budget exceeds the pocket-friendly range then South Extension has wonderfully crafted wedding wear waiting to be picked up by you. Delhi markets have it all from wedding wear for every function to accessories, from edgy bridal heels to wedding essentials for function, from decorative house items to wedding gifts. Hence we have listed down the best of them for you.



3. Wedding Shopping In Bangalore


Your one-stop shopping hub for wedding wear as they’ve got it all from Vijaylakshmi Silks & Sarees, Designer Deepika Govind’s Outlet and so many different other brands to fulfil your dream shopping checklist. Do visit MG1 mall as they have great stores to wrap up your wedding shopping. Discover beautiful designer lehengas, sarees and salwar kameez for all occasions.



Another top shopping hub for wedding wear in Bangalore would be Indiranagar as they have seveal designer stores. You’ll also find Ritu Kumar’s store here which offer beautiful wedding outfits which are a perfect match for you big day. Head to flyrobe Bangalore store if you wanna rent wedding wear which definitely seems like a great idea as not everybody wears their wedding outfits again due to heavy work.




Wanna buy a designer gown? Head to Zaina for the best collection. Jayanagar market specialises in offering the best of fabrics and readymade clothing perfect for wedding wear.




Everything You Need to Know About Buying an Indian Wedding Dress

Before we tell you where to shop some of the best Indian wedding dresses, it’s important to understand a bit about how to shop for them in the first place. If you’ve attended more than one wedding, you’ll know nuptials can vary from couple to couple. Whether that’s due to cultural, personal or religious differences, every wedding is unique. Some cultures opt for white wedding dresses, for example, while other cultures get a bit more colourful. I spoke to Sejal Kapadia Pocha, Flare magazine’s social media editor, about her Hindu wedding, and she told me everything you’d ever need to know about shopping for an Indian wedding dress, as well as where to find the best designs. Keep scrolling for more.

Best Indian Wedding Dresses: Sejal Kapadia Pocha in her Wedding Dress




First up, I wanted to know how many looks you’d wear for an Asian wedding. “It can vary depending on the religion and South Asian region you originate from,” says Sejal. “Typically you’d require two evening outfits (one pre-wedding event and one reception), one for the wedding, and perhaps two simpler options for pre-wedding rituals/events at home. So I guess that makes a total of five. I actually had six at mine.”

Sejal also talked me through the traditional colours. “On their wedding day, Hindu brides usually wear any shade of red, red and white, or red with touches of green. But many brides I know are changing this up by wearing blush pink, dark pink or maroon. Sikh wedding attire is similar to Hindu attire, but Muslim weddings are quite different, so I can’t speak for those events.”

Best Indian Wedding Dresses: Sejal Kapadia Pocha in her Wedding Dress




So where do you start looking for Indian wedding dresses? “Most women start looking at their local Indian stores, magazines and Indian designers online for inspiration,” says Sejal. “Designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra are leaders in the wedding-outfit game, with many wholesalers creating copycat designs. Some brides choose to get their main bridal outfits in the country, whether it’s a store that imports ready-to-wear outfits from India or a local couture designer. Others decide they’d rather just go to India for a week and get their shopping done there (which is what I did).”

When it comes to preparation, Sejal recommends a least a year. “I had a long engagement, so I was planning for about a year and a half, which I felt like I needed. But most of my friends have planned theirs in nine to 12 months. A lot of venues and popular Asian wedding suppliers are booked up to a year in advance during peak times.”