The Christmas Wedding: An Interview with James Patterson

Bestselling author James Patterson answers questions about The Christmas Wedding, his latest romance novel.

What makes this Christmas with the Summerhill’s so special?

Well what happens here is Gaby makes a phone call, Gaby the mother, to her kids who are all grown up and she invites them back to the house in Massachusetts for Christmas she misses them. She specially misses them because her husband died a few years ago. And she has some news. She’s gonna get married she’s supposed to tell them who’s she’s getting married to.

Tom, Jacob and Martin are all dying to marry Gaby on Christmas Day – why is she so popular?

You know she is a sweet lady. She’s funny. She’s a teacher. She knows everything about everything. She really can take care of herself. She’s very confident and yeah she’s kinda sexy.

So – who’s going to be the lucky groom?
You’re gonna have to read the book because that’s one of the suspense things in the book. Which one of these men is the right one for Gaby and which one she’s chosen and that certainly what drives the kids to get back to Massachusetts to participate in this wedding. I hope everybody who is listening wants to participate as well. It’s a very cool wedding.

Do you have a favorite member of the Summerhill family?

Well I’m afraid I’m very partial to Gaby. She’s funny. She’s witty. she’s very down to earth. She’s the kind of person that I like to hang out with. she’s very family oriented. Her kids love her most of the time. She’s a mom and also a friend to her kids and I think she’s gonna make some man very very happy.

The family struggles with divorce, cancer, financial problems, is this a family readers will relate to?

I think when you start talking with divorce and sickness and financial problems that’s something that we all relate to. what i try to do with this book is to make it very romantic and something that you’ll laugh when you’re reading it and also shed a tear in places but also very down to earth.

Do you write love stories differently than crime thrillers?

I usually write love stories with my left hand I write crime stories with my right hand. I think it has to do with the different sides of your brain they’re more romantic or more violent. No I don’t really. I think that makes the love stories the harder to write there are no murders, there are no sort of real super suspense deals. But what I demand of love stories from Suzanne’s diary for Nicholas to Sunday’s at Tiffany’s right into Christmas Wedding is the books we ones you can’t put down. You just wanna keep turning the pages and I think that’s very unusual with love story.