MERRY LIDDLE CHRISTMAS WEDDING (Lifetime) | Kelly Rowland Sings

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Life time’s first-ever Christmas sequel! Once more, we adhere to Jacquie Liddle (Kelly Rowland), as she and also Tyler (Thomas Cardot) try to prepare their best location Christmas wedding event. Normally, Jacquie’s plans go awry when her energetic family interferes in her preparation and her snooty wedding event coordinator gives up in objection. While nothing goes as originally intended, Jacquie and Tyler obtain a Christmas wedding celebration a lot more remarkable than they could have ever dreamed.

Kelly Rowland Sings “We Need A Little Christmas” for Lifetime’s Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding

Broadcasting on November 28th at 8pm, the movie stars Kelly Rowland as well as Thomas Cardot, Debbi Morgan, Bresha Webb, Latonya Williams, Jaime M. Callica, Nathan Witte, and Chris Shields.