Book Review – The Christmas Wedding

It’s a great book! Here’s what I thought:

1. I love these characters (for the most part, but I’ll get to that later) almost all of them are well-developed and have great voices and back-story. I love the Summerhill family. The characters are the best part.

2. Once again, the short chapters are amazing and make it easier to read. 🙂

3. Light, fun writing style. It’s a nice short read to put you in the Christmas spirit! Although the first half could have taken place at any time of the year, really.

4. I totally guessed who it was…just sayin.

5. Gaby is very egotistical. I said it, there. At first, she seems all nice and stuff, and yeah, she’s a good mother, but think about it: it’s all about her! What’s up with that? Not once did we hear about the grandchildren getting presents on Christmas, it was wake up and get ready for Gaby’s moment! She yells at her grandson for smoking pot but then she has him heat up brandy for her…what’s wrong with this picture? And she is portrayed as this nice, sweet lady. These weren’t bad character traits, i think a certain writer didn’t realize this…I thought it was quite obvious.

4/5. I would definitely recommend it, but don’t act like Gaby. She’s obnoxious. other than that, the perfect book!



Book Review of “The Christmas Wedding” by James Patterson & Richard DiLallo

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