Weddings: How Much do Flowers Cost?

Weddings: How Much do Flowers Cost? – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

The price range for flowers really varies. A lot of things that influence the prices are if the flowers are in season, one. Two, what type of flowers you are putting in your bouquet? And three, the level of expertise from your florist. These three things really factor in on the price. Like lets say for a bridal bouquet, something of add nature can range from a 50 to 50 and beyond, just depending on the three types of things that I originally mentioned.

For centerpieces, price wise, is you can look at something that is low and small starting at maybe 85 or 65 at the lowest, and then going up higher to a 150 to 250 depending on if you are doing large balloons or lots of fillers. It just really depends on the size and the quantity of flowers that you are putting in your containers.