Ultimate Wedding FLOWERS and ENTERTAINMENT | Wedding Wednesdays Ep. 17

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In this week’s episode of Wedding Wednesday’s Rebecca and Sharrah are meeting up with the new wedding planners from Before I Do Events and Ester from Wallflower Inspiration to finalize the flowers for the wedding just 4 weeks away! Follow the girls as they preview the band they have chosen, Sirens Crush to dance the night away on November 19, 2016!

Leave me a comment below on what you think of our selection for the band 🙂

Before I Do Events: http://bit.ly/2dyvGtE
SD Social Lights: http://bit.ly/2dW1urD
Rancho Bernardo Inn: http://bit.ly/29UZ6nt
Florals by Wallflower Inspiration: http://bit.ly/29WLxi4
Furniture rentals by Archive Rentals: http://bit.ly/28RwZTa
Other jewelry by Morra Jewelry – http://bit.ly/1TVC3WT


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Rebecca Robeson’s daughter Sharrah Robeson is getting married.
Sharrah Robeson is getting married to Tyler Stevens and the Robeson family shares the love and joy with all of their viewers.
Join us each week for the fun and exciting activities leading all the way up to the ceremony on November 19, 2016


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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound