How to Make a Flower Candelabra for Wedding or Event- Wholesale Flowers Direct

Learn how to make a floral candelabra incorporating rich, burgundy florals with subtle accents of vintage dusty pinks. 

12 stems of Rose Bridal Dusky Pink
5 stems of  Amaranthus Red Hanging (rosary)
1 bunch of Eucalyptus with berry (populus + exotica berry)
3 stems of Hydrangea Red/green Classic
10 stems of Serruria Blushing Bride
10 stems of Symphoricarpos pink (magic temptation)

1 Candelabra (gold or silver)
1 pack of Cable Ties
1 pack of floral foam rings (2 x 10″ or 12″ depending on size of candelabra)
1 Florist box containing tape, florist knife and scissors

All of the ingredients can be found on the website here

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