Funny Wedding Bouquet Throws

Weddings are steeped with tradition such as the bride throwing her wedding bouquet for single women to catch. As lore has it, the woman who catches the flowers will be the next person to get married. But in reality, often the woman who catches the bouquet also catches some stitches and a black eye. As this funny video will show you, women tend to get savage when it comes to weddings, flowers, and the catching of the bouquet.

The first clip demonstrates when flowers are thrown nobody is safe, not even babies. A young girl drops a very small child to the ground as she raises her hands out to catch the wedding bouquet.

Brides aren’t much safer either. In the second funny clip a wedding guest goes in hard to try and catch a poorly thrown bouquet. She ends up running into the bride and flattens her.

As you can see, the wedding bouquet throw sometimes looks a bit like a full contact sport. Here two women scramble for the loose flowers while a lady in red splits between them and recovers the bouquet.

Do you know what a bad combination is at a wedding? Drunk women without shoes on scrambling for flowers on a slippery floor. That’s a very bad combo! At least throw on some sneakers if you are going to give yourself a real chance at catching a wedding bouquet.

My favorite part of the human tumbleweed clip is the girl on the right who is laughing her butt off after the lady in blue takes a tumble while scrambling for the bouquet. Watching her laugh like it was the funniest thing ever is priceless.

Two women slam hard into the floor in a mad dash to be queen of the wedding bouquet! Regardless of who ended up with the flowers, there was no winner there.

Some guests are more suited for a fight club than a wedding. One woman basically drags the other into the wall as she desperately fights for a handful of flowers. Or is it that she believes in superstition and is really desperate to get married?

I find this clip hilarious. A woman seems so insane to get a hold of the wedding bouquet that she accidentally dives into an indoor pond.

Another bride gets beat down by her bridesmaids as the mad dash to catch flowers gets out of hand.

The mosh pit of women gathering in the center of the dance floor really scares me. See them shoving each other to get into a better position. It’s like a pack of ravenous jackals. And what to do when two girls catch the wedding bouquet? Why fight it out in an overdrawn, awkward game of tug-of-war. I can’t believe how much these two girls want a bouquet of flowers. I’m guessing if no one was around they’d actually try to kill each other.

This last clip is hilarious. When a woman falls after trying to catch the wedding bouquet, another woman wearing jeans rushes in to help. No she doesn’t help the injured lady, but instead helps herself to the flowers first. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed our funny wedding bouquet fail video.

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