Courtney Says I do: Wedding Flowers

Courtney Cason is getting married and she wants your help! Help Courtney decide on the details of her wedding and share in the moments leading up to the big day. See more about Courtney Says I Do:
Hey everyone! We are at Valley Forge Flowers. Our friend on QVC, Barb King, who you know as this amazing gardening expert actually owns this. She is a third generation florist and she has done some of the chic-est weddings in these magazines that I have seen. So my challenge to her is bride on a budget. Go big! Go home! We are going to find out how to do it. Barb, you have done so incredible weddings and you’ve done them for all budgets which I think is really cool. What would you say to our brides at home, probably just a few tips on bride on a budget when it comes to floral arrangements? One of the ideas that I have is how about a make your centerpiece party? I like that idea. That would be really cool. Let’s do it! I am really excited about that. The other thing you can do is make sure you get things that are local. And also some things that are growing on plants are actually cheaper to buy the plant then the cut flower. Like this stephanotis. If we add something like this into your bridal boutique that is just really sweet and special. For about the last hour you have been building the most anticipated centerpieces I think I have ever seen. They are so gorgeous! Aw thank you! I love them How much is that just for one? From $135 to $150 easily? If we buy in bulk like we said we did you how much do you think this would run me? You could probably do something like this anywhere from $35 to $50 if we rent the container. Thank you so much! I am so excited to see all of this and you know what it is finally starting to become real. Yes it is, once you see the flowers you might cry.