Bridal Bouquet Wedding Flowers Hung Upside Down | Halloween Trick? | Dad Vlog

I walked into the bathroom and found a bridal bouquet of wedding flowers hung upside down. Is this a Halloween trick? Who would hang wedding flowers upside down? I was so scared that I dropped my phone and laughed. I cracked my screen. Someone hung the bridal bouquet of flowers upside down in the bathroom. I am a dad of three daughters and we have a family and pet vlog called FROSTY Life. All of our daughters are grown up. Kayt recently got married to David and it was a beautiful wedding. Today I walked into the bathroom to find wedding flowers hung upside down. It is almost Halloween and I felt like the new way of displaying flowers is perfect decoration for the Halloween season, spooky. I am actually kidding around because I know that this is a way to dry flowers properly, but in light of Halloween I had to talk about how scary and spooky this trick seemed to be. Please write a comment below and remember to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. I want to know what my viewers like.
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Trick or Treat. Welcome to my family and pet vlog. I love to create videos about pets and family. I also like to help people so I create a lot of HOW TO videos. Once in a while I will also create a product review video. I share a PET and FAMILY vlog with weekly uploads. My Frosty Family is based in Northern Minnesota. We are a married couple with an empty nest. We have three adult daughters, three cats and a dog, and two of our daughters also have dogs that are featured on this channel. Kallie is our eldest daughter and has her own house. Kayt graduated from college, is married to David, and works as a full time paramedic. Kayt has a college degree in Public Relations. Amanda is a sophomore in college and lives in an apartment with a roommate. I love to post daily photos on my Instagram site and invite you to join in the fun. My FROSTY Life website also has the latest photos posted. This website was created by Kallie and has all of the details about each of the pets. You can subscribe to the website and get updates whenever we post anything new.
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