Celebrity Hairstyles: Princess Leia

What You’ll Need

CombSoft brushHair extensions, clip-in and non-clip (optional)Bobby pins

Step 1: Section the Hair

Start off by sectioning the hair into two sides, with a part straight down the center. Keep the two sides separate with clips. 

Step 2: Make Ponytails

Now make a ponytail with each of the sections. First, brush through the sections with the comb so that you can get out all the tangles at the roots. Then use a soft brush to smooth out the top layers of hair. 

If your hair is still frizzy, spray a light hair spray over it and brush it through to smooth down the flyaways. A textured pomade or hair wax can help tame flyaways as well. 

Brush the hair into a ponytail and secure it on the side of the head above the ear. You can change the positioning to vary the look. Then repeat on the other side of the head. 

* Tip: It’s a good idea to establish both of the ponytails before moving on to the buns. This way, you can make sure the bases are even before doing any styling. Then you won’t have to adjust an entire bun later on. 

Step 3: Add Extensions (Optional) 

If you want the large size of Princess Leia’s buns, you’ll need to add in hair extensions to get more length and thickness. You can also use your own hair alone if you want. If so, skip this step. 

Try using a combination of both clip-in and no-clip extensions for this look. 

Start off with a no-clip extension at the base. Use a bobby pin to hook it onto the base of one ponytail. Then wrap the extension’s width around the base. Use two layers of no-clip extensions if you have very fine hair. 

Then attach a clip-on extension on top of the ponytail. It’s ok if the base is a little messy because it will be hidden under the bun at the end. 

Step 4: Braid Ponytails

Brush together all the hair in the ponytail, incorporating the extensions if you added them. Divide it into three even sections and try to take even amounts of all the kinds of hair. 

Braid the ponytail straight down. Don’t make the braid too tight because you want to be able to wrap it around to make the bun. A looser braid will also be fatter and create a larger bun. 

Step 5: Make the Buns

Now wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail until it forms the shape of a bun. 

Use several large bobby pins to hold it onto the base. Then go through with smaller pins to secure strands of hair in the bun. 

Repeat on the other side for a symmetrical look.

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