Celebrity Hairstyles: Mila Kunis

Learn how to create Mila Kunis’s hairstyle from the August 2011 Elle Magazine cover. 

What You’ll Need

Teasing combBobby pins
Step 1: Prep Hair

Before creating this look, you’ll need to pre-tease your hair. The key is to get lots of volume while keeping it soft and loose. 

Take horizontal sections of hair, starting just behind the bangs or fringe. Pull up each section and tease the back section of it. 

Continue backcombing all the way through the middle of the back of the head. 

Step 2: Section Hair

Divide your hair into two sections: the front and the back. Make this division just behind the ears. Pull all the hair behind the ears towards the back of the head. Leave the hair in front of the ears where it is. You’ll incorporate that later. 

Step 3: Make the Ponytail

Pull the back section into a ponytail-like bun in the back of the head. Bring it up and twist it around then down to look like a ponytail twist. Push the volume upwards but make an anchor with the bun.

Use bobby pins to hold the hair in place around the base. It’s ok if some of the tail pieces of the ponytail fall out of the bun.

* Tip
: To get a more secure hold, lock two bobby pins perpendicular to each other in an “X” form.
Step 4: Incorporate the Front

Now start incorporating the pieces of hair in the front and sides of the head. Softly pull them back to the bun and pin them into it. 

Don’t worry about locking the pins this time, because you want a softer look for the hair. Keep the look soft by letting some pieces to fall out. 

If you have fringe or bangs, leave it hanging on the sides of your face. Try to make the fringe on either side have different sizes for variety. 

Go back to the bun and make sure the look is secure. If you need, take extra bobby pins and secure them underneath the bun so that hair won’t fall out later.

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