Celebrity Hairstyles: Julia Roberts

What You’ll Need

Light hair sprayMedium curling ironBristle brush

Step 1: Prep Hair

To get this soft, red carpet look, first prep your hair with a light-hold hair spray. Spray it all over the hair to evenly distribute it. Don’t let the spray become too dense in any one area. 

Step 2: Curl Hair

Start at one side of the head and pull a vertical section of hair away from the scalp at a 90 degree angle. 

Make sure to take consistent sections of hair as you go. The key to this look is uniform curled sections. 

Wrap each section of hair around the curling iron, keeping it between the clamp and the barrel. Curl the hair away from the face. 

Curl the sections all the way from the roots to the ends so that the curl is evenly distributed through the hair. 

Make sure the ends are curled around the iron so that you have no straight sections mixed in. 

Keep the hair wrapped around the iron until it becomes warm all the way through. If you have fine hair, you won’t have to keep the hair on the iron for as long. 

Make sure you keep all sections of hair heated for the same amount of time so they have a consistent hold. 

After you reach the middle of the back of the head, start at the other side and work back. Remember to keep curling the hair in the direction away from the face. 

Step 3: Finish the Look

After you’ve curled the whole head, let the hair cool so that the curls set in. Then run your hands through the curls to softly work them together into larger waves. 

You can also take a bristled brush and brush through the curls to combine them. Use a mirror to make sure each side of the head has even waves.

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