Celebrity Hairstyles: Gisele

What You’ll Need

Light hair sprayLarge curling ironTeasing combHair fiber

Step 1: Prep Hair

Start this big, tousled hairstyle by prepping the hair with a light hold hair spray. Spray all over the head to evenly distribute it. This will help hold in the look. 

Step 2: Curl Hair

Now curl all of the hair on the head using the large curling iron. Take it in sections as you move around the head. It’s ok to take different sized sections of hair as you curl. 

Wrap each section around the outside of the iron’s barrel without using the clamper. Hold the hair around the iron long enough for the curl to set in well. 

Make sure every piece of hair is touched the by iron. Not all the pieces have to be very curly but you want them to have a soft wave. 

In the front sections, wrap the hair away from your face for a softer look. Then try to alternate the direction of the wrapping as you go. This will make the look less uniform. 

* Tip: It helps to keep your elbows low so that you don’t strain your shoulders when you curl with the iron. 

Step 3: Hair Spray

Once you’ve curled all the hair, spray it with a light hair spray. Make sure you cover the whole head. 

Run your fingers through the hair to soften up the look or define certain curls. 

Step 4: Tease the Crown

Since this look needs lots of volume, use a teasing comb to section out horizontal pieces of hair at the crown of the head. 

Tease down each section one at a time. Then smooth out the teased sections with the comb and lay smooth pieces over it. 

Step 5: Finish the Look

Rub a piecing hair fiber onto your hands and then use your hands to pull out individual curls. Run the fiber over the hair to define the sections.

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