Celebrity Hairstyles: Elizabeth Banks

What You’ll Need

Teasing combLight hair sprayBobby pinsSoft brush
Step 1: Prep Hair

To get this 60s-inspired faux bob look, start off with hair that’s been pre-set. Prep it by teasing all around the base of the head to get lots of volume throughout the hair. 

Then spray the hair with a light, workable hair spray to hold the volume. 

Section the hair into three parts: the left side, right side and middle. 

Step 2: Pin Back Sides

First pin back the left side of the hair. It may help to use a mirror behind you to see your work. 

Wrap the hair down and into the hairline, bringing it towards the back of the head. It should curl under mimicking a natural bob cut. 

Pin the hair into the hairline to hold it in place. Try to place the pins underneath the hair so that they’ll be covered by the strands lying over. 

* Tip: To get a more secure hold, lock two bobby pins perpendicular to each other in an “X” form.

Create a mini bun with the ends of the hair you wrapped to the side. Wrap the bun at the base at the back and use bobby pins to hold it in place. 

Now repeat on the opposite side of the head, ending with a similar mini bun at the back. Make sure both sides are symmetrical. 

Step 3: Pin the Back

Go to the back of the head and clip up the top layers of hair. You’ll use these to cover up the pins and buns in the bottom section. 

Take the remaining back section and twist it into itself to make a bun. 

Wrap the ends underneath and pin them in securely. You should have a small bubble at the back of the head. 

Then bring down the top layers that were clipped out of the way. Use them to make another bun in the back of the head, but open up the hair so that strands will lay over the two side buns. 

Step 4: Final Touches

Take all remaining strands around the head and pin them over any gaps in the bob. Pin all the pieces into the hairline.

Once the look is done, take a soft brush and smooth out the top of the hair to catch any flyaways. 

* Tip: Using the handle of a brush can help smooth out the top layers without messing up the style.

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