Wood Centerpieces For Tables | Make Large Wood Slices | Large Tree Trunk Round Discs

How to make DIY rustic wooden discs or large tree slice wood table centerpieces. Some call them unfinished natural wood circles, wood slices, wood discs with tree bark, or log discs they can be used for several DIY crafts for christmas, rustic wedding ornaments, or log disc centerpieces. Here are a few ways we created our wood slice rustic decor for wedding centerpieces or in our case a baby shower decoration. If you want to save money making your own DIY rustic large tree slices instead of buying wood slices from Michaels or log slices from Hobby Lobby then check this tree trunk slice making video out. Save a ton of money making your own DIY wood slice art. Join us as we figure out a way to hand make with power tools of course our very our wood slice decorations for our adventure & wood themed baby shower. You can make and craft many different projects using these simple methods like creating country looking ornaments, coasters, trivets, cake holders, cutting boards, signs, chalkboards, card holders, cupcake stands, and much much more. Learn how to cut wood slices so you can deck out your holidays, weddings, birthdays parties, or baby showers with these wood slice ideas. Remember to always be safe and make sure your comfortable using power tools before letting loose with the projects and prop building. Thanks for watching the video and don’t forget to subscribe!

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