How to make: Hanging heart | DIY room decor ideas| Wedding decor ideas

Learn how to make a hanging heart ideal as a home decor piece or as a Mother’s Day present or even a wedding day decoration.

To make this pearl hanging heart you will need:
Polystyrene heart 15cm
Glue gun
Satin ribbon


All materials are available from Hobbycraft.

If you want to view a larger variety of beads, try Beads Direct

I’ll be uploading another video shortly showing you how to make the white wedding lace heart decoration and how to make a bow like the one featured in this video. DIY Hanging wedding decoration instructions:

Step 1. Apply glue to the back of the polystyrene heart. Be careful when using a glue gun-they get incredibly hot!
Step 2. Firmly press the ribbon on the area with glue and tightly wrap the turquoise ribbon around the heart. Occasionally add a dab of glue if needed
Step 3. Once you’re half way around the heart, glue the end of the turquoise ribbon and begin wrapping the heart with a different coloured ribbon. I’m using white.
Step 4. Once the ribbon is securely glued down, start gluing beads the front of the heart. The glue is super strong so you don’t need to worry if your beads are quite heavy Top Tip! Try and glue the beads on their sides so their holes are not on show.
Step 5. Once you fully covered the heart, you’ll need to create a loop so you’ll be able to hang it up.Tie a knot to create a loop and glue the knot to the back of the heart
Step 6. Cover the knot by gluing additional beads over the top. I hope you’ve enjoyed my beady tutorial, please let me know how you found it.
With love,
Stacy’s Handmade Secrets x