Hot vs Cold Challenge / 12 DIY Pregnant Barbie Hacks and Crafts

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12 DIY Barbie Hacks and also Crafts/ Doll Wedding Ideas:
The theme of the birth of an infant is once again appropriate in the creature globe. Fire as well as ice Barbies are getting ready for the look of the child. Instead, watch fascinating ideas as well as life hacks in our brand-new video.

Supplies and devices:
– hot glue weapon
– two halves of a rubber egg
– glittery textile
– diamond bow
– soap recipe
– silver acrylic paint
– sticker foam paper with shine
– rhinestones and glitter
– snowflake-shaped decorations
– Elmer’s glue
– coffee stirrers
– straws
– Kinder Joy egg
– white shine
– clear skewers
– ice
– little doll hat
– pom-poms
– pen with a gelato squishie
– crystal grains
– red textile
– red silk
– plumes and also red diamonds
– small tube
– sticker label that states “Hot”.
– foam paper.
– tube.
– stuffing.
– wooden grain, plastic grain.
– plastic basket.
– wooden skewers.
– acrylic paint.
– color paper.
– cardboard.
– foam rubber.
– satin bow.
– plastic container.
– hair connection.

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