Easy Paper Doll Indian Wedding Dress/ DIY Paper Doll making Idea /Paper Craft By Aloha Crafts

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Easy Paper Doll Indian Wedding Dress/ DIY Paper Doll making Idea /Paper Craft By Aloha Crafts

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How about making a Paper dolls wedding dress, As you all know paper crafts are interesting and easy to make . and today’s video is about how to make paper doll. we will be using chart paper , fabric cloth , a bit of ornaments and bit glue for making paper doll craft.
Handmade Paper dolls wedding dress making is an art and anyone can make this awesome paper craft, Paper dolls making is one of my favorite diy crafts idea,because this paper crafts are so easy and cost less ,for this paper doll making we can even use left over paper and one more things is for this craft I used fabric for paper doll dress , but you can use crepe paper , do your diy paper doll craft with your imagination.How to make paper doll is simple easy and awesome craft idea for kids,let them free to make there favorite Paper dolls wedding dress,watch this video to know how to make Paper dolls wedding dress and Paper dolls are figures cut out of paper or thin card, with separate clothes, also made of paper, that are usually held onto the dolls by paper folding tabs. They may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object. … Today, many artists are turning Paper dolls wedding dress into an art form.
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