DIY Wedding Crafts Collab w/ NiaNicole! Wedding Card Box [MAILBOX]

NiaNicole and I teamed up to create this DIY Wedding Crafts Collaboration video!

Watch NiaNicole’s video here:

I created my first wedding card box for my Aunt’s wedding.

NiaNicole wanted to create a DIY Wedding video. Time did not permit me to recreate an original wedding box video. The Plan B from my Aunt’s wedding was an actual MAILBOX. I didn’t need to use it them but it sure came in handy for this DIY.

I created the design on my computer and used my electronic cutter to bring the design to life. The vinyl was acting all kinds of cray cray but I made it work.

A fall flower with an alligator clip attachment made the perfect addition to the mailbox handle. I also added a few craft store glittery leaves and Voila. . . the perfect wedding card box.

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