DIY Wedding Card Congratulations | Hand made paper crafts | Fast and easy

Hi guys,

check out one of our favorite hand made cards! Its perfect for weddings and great for those who love DIY!! This is a fast and easy card to make, you’ll be finished in no time!

With some simple modifications you can use the same techniques to customize awesome birthday cards, anniversary cards, valentines day cards, or for any other special occasion. Super quick!

What you’ll need to make the card:
– A4 paper, with text – you can type anything in MSword and print the paper (we used Lucida Calligraphy font)
– Construction paper (color of your liking)
– A small colored piece of paper to make a heart
– Beads or other decorations to stick onto the card
– An old card to use for sizing and cutting
– String
– Glue
– Scissors
– Pencil

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