DIY Paper Sunflower for Room Decor Ideas | Giant Paper Flower Backdrop

Today I am sharing a beautiful paper sunflower making tutorial with free template. It’s a very easy and simple paper flower backdrop making instruction. You can use the giant paper sunflower for room decor ideas, wedding backdrop, wall decorations etc.


Download Template :

My all Paper Flowers making Tutorial:

– Printable Flower Templates
– 6 Pieces 30cm x 6cm Paper
– 6 Pieces 30cm x 3cm Paper
– 3 Pieces 30cm x 7cm Paper

– Glue
– Scissor
– Cutter
– Paper Cutting Board
– Paper Folding Tools

If you any queries or suggestion about the video instruction then write a comment for this. I will replay with best solution. If you like the video please like and share the video for inspiration…

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