DIY ORB CHANDELIER Dollar Tree – Whimsical, French, Vintage

Hi Welcome to my description section. In this video I will show you how to create a beautiful DIY orb chandelier using Dollar Tree hula hoops and picture frames. I also accented mine with chandelier beads and crystals for a more convincing look and I also added fairy lights for a whimsical touch. I’ll also show you how to hand paint Dollar Tree flowers, this technique is perfect to create amazing flower arrangements for weddings or to decorate your bedroom, bathroom, or living space. This rope orb chandelier was inspired on one that I saw online and I decided to DIY it using Dollar Tree items because I know a lot of people will find this tutorial useful. This type of silhouette is preferred by people who like a more modern chandelier and it’s also very popular in farmhouse decor. I gave it my own whimsical and girly twist, so I didn’t stick to the original design too much, but remember you can always use your imagination and accent yours to your own liking. This chandelier is perfect to decorate a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or to add a ethereal and whimsical touch to any girly bedroom. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and you are able to take some inspiration from it. Also, don’t forget that next week I have an exiting project coming up so make sure to subscribe!

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