12 DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts / Pregnant Doll on the Plane

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12 DIY Pregnant Doll Hacks and also Crafts/ Barbie and Zombie Ken Family: https://youtu.be/Rv-n8vS1Dk8?list=PLZeKzwW5sRWa3yRjoai0kEm-eMq09km9S&playnext=1
An airport terminal has opened up in the creature world. Rather enjoy the very first trip and also intriguing adventures of Barbie in our video clip.

Supplies as well as devices:
– warm adhesive gun
– acrylic paint
– scissors
– brushes
– glitter
– material
– foam paper (routine and glittery).
– cable.
– paper for sewing patterns.
– needle and also string.
– satin bow.
– metal half-beads.
– doll footwear.
– grains.
– little cords.
– toy glasses.
– black and clear nail polish.
– pencil sharpeners.
– wheels from plaything autos.
– coffee stirrers.
– sticker labels.
– suction pads from old playthings.
– tube from an IV.
– flexible bow.
– straw.
– cap from a paint tube.
– toothpaste tag.
– elegance blender or food processor.
– garments labels.
– mirrored and silver cardboard.
– busted lift for cars and trucks.
– oil-absorbing sheets.
– Elmer’s adhesive.
– published images of passports and also tickets on shiny paper.
– medical mask.

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