12 DIY Baby Doll Hacks and Crafts / Miniature Baby, Cradle, Stroller and More!

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Mermaid doll is waiting on the infant. Prepare everything for a newborn. Instead see concepts and life hacks in our new video.

Supplies as well as devices
– hot adhesive weapon
– scissors
– energy knife
– empty lotion container
– popsicle sticks
– foam paper of different shades
– patterned paper
– LED light
– silvery cord
– white natural leather cord
– fish-shaped switches
– coffee stirrers
– wood sticks
– sponge
– cotton textile
– lace material
– ocean decors
– attractive webbing ribbon
– acrylic paint
– Styrofoam from phone packaging
– pompom trim
– vacant food container
– sequin ribbon
– cocktail umbrella
– ship design
– Orbeez
– waterproof fabric and also lining
– light clay
– craft cord and pliers
– metal necklaces
– ceramic as well as wood beads
– satin ribbon
– 3 shells
– glass stone
– craft wire
– sea rocks
– sports fabric
– tulle
– rhinestones
– velour bow
– simple hairclip
– super glue
– decorative covering
– sparkly tulle
– product packaging plastic cover
– sludge
– shine
– double-sided tape

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