12 Awesome DIY Harry Potter Crafts For True Potterheads

Create something magical in the house by attempting some of these incredible Harry Potter inspired Do It Yourself crafts!

0:08 – DIY Butterbeer
1:10 – DIY Magical Chocolate Frogs
2:25 – Harry Potter Birthday Cake
3:31 – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans
4:07 – Prophecy Ball
4:54 – DIY Magic Wand
5:24 – Hogwarts Books Fridge Magnets
5:49 – DIY Flying Broomstick
6:21 – Hogwarts House Ties Bookmarks
7:25 – DIY Monster Book Of Monsters
8:30 – DIY Bowtruckle
9:49 – DIY Howler Letter

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