10 DIY Baby Doll Hacks and Crafts / Miniature Ice Baby, Sled and More!

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The Ice queen is no more interested in ice, icy as well as cold hearts. She completely immersed herself worldwide of parenting and also increasing kids. Let’s see that will be birthed to the Snow Queen – a woman or a child?

Supplies and tools:
– warm glue weapon
– acrylic paint
– scissors
– brushes
– sparkly textile
– white luxurious covering
– thread
– silicone elastic bow
– wire from a sparkling wine cork
– wood skewers
– attractive snowflakes
– rhinestones
– powder with radiance
– glitter
– nail polish with radiance
– chopsticks
– decorative branch on a cable
– crystal bead
– boots
– paper clip
– EPE foam
– attractive snow
– fake hair
– ice mold and mildew
– water and a small freezer
– nail polish cleaner
– cotton swab
– satin bow
– tiny hair ties
– decorative ribbon
– ornamental ribbon with edge
– plaything unicorn
– huge blue shine
– nail decors( snows).
– baking mold and mildew.
– Christmas tree decors.
– semi-sphere from a toy container.
– sequined ribbon.
– pipe cleanser.
– white nail gloss.
– silver pipe cleanser.

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