Celebrity Hairstyles: Taylor Swift

What You’ll Need

* Curling iron

* Light hair spray

* Anti-humidity spray
* Comb
* Hair clips

Step 1: Section the Hair

Start off by taking one section of hair on the side. Clip away the surrounding sections of hair with hair clips to keep it out of the way. Focus on curling one section of hair at a time as you move around the head. 

* Tip
: Making sections of hair ahead of time will make it easier for you to do the curling.

Step 1: Prep the Hair

Spritz an anti-humidty spray onto the section of hair. Comb through the hair to coat it evenly. 

Then spray over the section with a light hair spray. The spray will help hold in the waves. Comb the section to evenly distribute the hair spray through to the ends. 

Step 2: Curling the Hair

Place the section of hair on the curling iron under the clamp, starting at the middle of the hair. Wrap the bottom half of the hair around the iron. 

Then roll the iron towards the scalp to incorporate the top half of the hair. Finally, tuck the ends of the hair into the iron. Hold the hair in place long enough to let it set. 

* Tip
: If you hold the curling iron vertically and upside down, you’ll get softer, beach-like curls.Tip: In the sections around your face, wrap the hair in the direction away from the face to produce a softer look.
As you pull the curling iron out of the hair, hold onto the curl and keep it gathered at the scalp. Tuck the ends into the base and pin the whole curl to the head. This will preserve it while you finish the rest of the hair. 

Continue working section by section until you’ve curled all sides of the head. Each side should have about three or four large sections of curled hair. 

Step 3: Finishing the Look

Before unpinning the curls on the head, spray over them with the hair spray to hold in the curl. 

Unpin the curls and let them fall to the side of the head. Pull down on the roots to give the top part a smooth look. You can also tease up the roots to give the style more volume. 

Use a comb to blend together the roots of the sections. You can lightly combine or break up the curled sections, but don’t tug on them too hard because they may lose their shape. 

Spray over the curls once more with the hair spray to hold in the look.

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