Celebrity Hairstyles: Kesha

What You’ll Need

Spray bottle with waterOcean mist/surf hair sprayMedium-hold hair sprayBlow dryerFlat ironRoot lifting powder

Step 1: Prep Hair

If you’re starting off with clean, straight hair, the most important way to start is by building up layers of product so your hair will have lots of texture and shape. This is a good style for day-old hair or if you have product build-up already. 

Start prepping by spritzing water over the hair. Wet all through the hair but keep the roots a little bit dry. 

Then take an ocean mist/surf hair spray and spray it through the layers of the hair. The salt water content will add a natural grittiness to the hair and give it a good base for the texture. 

Finally, spray over the hair with a regular medium-hold hair spray, adding layers of product to give the hair hold and body. 

Step 2: Braid Hair

Now you need to establish the textured, old-braided look in the hair. Do this by going through sections of hair and braiding each one. 

Start the braids a few inches below the roots. They can be quick, soft braids; it’s ok if they’re not perfect. The braids can be different sizes too. Leave the ends untied. 

If you find sections or braids that are too dry, spray over them again with the ocean spray. 

* Tip: You can also prepare this look the night before. Braid all over the head and then go to bed. When you wake up, take out the braids, give them a spritz of the ocean spray and then wear the style as normal. 

Step 3: Blow Dry

Set the blow dryer to a low, cool heat. This will bake in the product without over-drying the hair. 

Dry each braid all the way through. 

Step 4: Flat Iron

Now use your flat iron to flatten out the braids. Pull some of them through the iron but leave out some others. You don’t need to worry about consistency with this look. 

Step 5: Finish the Look

Now unravel the braids with your fingers. Shake out the hair and lift it up with your hands. 

To give the roots more volume, tap some root lifting powder onto them and work it through. Go over the roots once more with the blow dryer to lift them up. You can flip the hair over the top to add more volume. 

* Tip: Each time you create this look, you can make it different by changing the sizes of the braids or using new texture combinations.

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