Celebrity Hairstyles: Emma Stone

What You’ll Need

1 1/4 inch curling ironHair clipHair fiber

Step 1: Clip Up Bangs

To get this combination of smoothness on top and texture on bottom, start by clipping your bangs and top hair out of the way. This will allow the top of your hair to stay sleek while you style the bottom. 

Step 2: Curl Hair

Take a small section of hair next to your face. Wrap the hair around the heated curling iron starting a few inches away from the scalp so that the top stays smooth. 

Wrap the hair around the outside of the barrel and don’t use the clamp to hold it in. Hold the iron upside down and vertical to get a loose-wave look. Slide the iron out of the hair and move to the next section.

As you move around the head, wrap hair in both directions by alternating each section. The hair in the front should be curled away from the face, but keep using both directions to get more texture as you continue around. 

* Tip
: Taking different sized sections of hair will give your look more texture.

Make sure to curl every section of hair. Don’t leave any pieces straight. 

Step 3: Finish the Look

After you’ve curled all around your head, rub a hair fiber through the ends to enhance the texture of the curled sections. Use your fingers to pull up the hair and mess it up a bit. 

* Tip
: You can make certain strands bigger by teasing individual pieces with your fingers. 

Finally, unclip your bangs and top hair. This section will still be smooth while the bottom is wavy and textured.

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