Celebrity Hairstyles: Charlize Theron

What You’ll Need

* Workable hair spray
* A curling iron
* Firm-hold hair spray

Step 1: Set the Top

Start off by 
curling the top of the hair away from the face with a medium curling iron. Make sure you get plenty of volume and texture. 

Step 2: Set the Sides

Now you can set the sides of the hair to create the look. 

First, spray each side with a workable spray. You want it to have some hold while still being soft enough to work through. 

Now section out the area between the side hairline to the ear. This is the section you’re going to curl. 

Taking one section at a time, curl the side hair away from the face with the curling iron. 

* Tip
: Don’t wrap the hair around the iron too tight. You want to keep the curls soft so that they give texture to the hair. 

Finish curling the hair in this manner on both sides of the head. 

Step 3: Finish the Look

Once you’ve curled the top section and the side sections, run your fingers through the curls to break them up. Incorporate the sections together and soften up any hard lines. 

Finally, spray a firm hair spray over all the hair to keep it in place.

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