Celebrity Hairstyles: Audrey Hepburn ~ Short

Audrey Hepburn’s cropped hairstyle was sleek and tight to the head. You can use this style to create a shiny, feminine look with your short hair.

What You’ll Need

* Comb
* Hair pomade with shiny finish

Step 1: Smooth Hair

Start off by smoothing out the hair with the comb. Brush it down and forward to take out all the tangles and keep it smooth to the head. 

Step 2: Apply Pomade

Now apply some of the hair pomade onto your hands and rub it in well. 

Work your hands through the hair to cover it completely with the pomade. Don’t worry about styling the hair yet; you just want to coat the hair without letting the product clump. 

Step 3: Style Hair

Now you can move the hair into the direction you want. 

Audrey Hepburn wore her hair forward and slightly to the side. Start by making a clear parting on one side of the head. Move the bangs forward across the head. 

Comb down the sides in the front and behind the ear. The back should be combed down sleek and wrapped around the head.

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