Celebrity Hairstyles: Ashley Tisdale

What You’ll Need

Light hair sprayFine-tooth teasing comb2 bobby pins
Step 1: Prep Hair

Start off by softening the front of the hair to give it a natural fall. Use a light-hold hair spray over the top of the head and brush it through with the comb. 

Section out a front section by drawing two lines back from the hairline. Each line should start at the center of each eyebrow and go straight back to the top of the head. 

You should have a section of hair right on top coming from the hairline. Clip away the rest of the hair to keep your sections separate.

Step 2: Tease

Take 1/2-inch- to 1-inch-sized horizontal strips of hair from the top section. Tease them one at a time by lightly backcombing the hair with the fine-tooth comb. Lace back the sections to bring the volume towards the back. 

As you bring back the sections, smooth out the front pieces so that the top of the hair won’t be messy. 

Tip: If you have a cowlick or your hair is splitting when you try to tease it back, try wetting the roots with water and blow drying it straight back before you start. 

Step 3: Pin It Together

After all the hair in the section is teased, gather it back at the top of the head and keep the top smooth. Pinch together the hair at the center of the section. 

Then slightly slide the base forward to push up the volume in the front. Now insert one bobby pin at the base of the section, placing it at a slight angle across the hair. 

Then take the second bobby pin and lock it over the first pin by making an “X.” This will keep them in place so that the hair doesn’t fall out.

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