Celebrity Hairstyles: Adele

What You’ll Need

Teasing combHair tieBobby pinsCurling iron (optional)

Step 1: Plan the Bun

First, decide on which side of your head you want to place the bun. Then make a part on the opposite side. 

The key to this bun updo is in making a deep part on one side of your head. Place it a little farther over than you would naturally wear it. 

To prevent the hair from slicking down to the head, tease up the hair on the crown. Pull up sections and tease the backside to get more volume on the top. 

Step 2: Make Ponytail

Use a brush to smooth out the teased sections and pull all the hair to the side where the bun will be. Make sure all the hair is smooth. 

Leave out the fringe that is in front of the ears on the side of the bun. 

Secure the hair into a ponytail with an elastic hair tie. 

Step 3: Make Bun

Now wrap the tail of the ponytail around the base. Make sure it stays big and doesn’t get too tight at the base. 

Use bobby pins to secure the strands of the bun into place. Tuck in all the strands of the bun so that you get a polished look. 

Use extra pins to connect any gaps in the bun and make sure the hair is secure. You may need to insert some pins underneath as well. 

* Tip:
 To get a more secure hold, lock two bobby pins perpendicular to each other in an “X” form.

Step 4: Fringe and Bangs

Now go to the hair that you left out in the front. Take the longer pieces of the fringe and pull them back flat to the head. 

Wrap the ends around the bun and pin them to the base. 

You can choose to pin back all of the front fringe, or leave out the very front pieces. One option is to use a curling iron to soften the pieces that frame the face.

If you do this, wrap the hair around the outside of the barrel and curl it away from the face. Let the curl set in with the heat. 

This will give the hair a soft bend around the face instead of lying flat.

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