How to choose your bridesmaids dresses

Ivy Ellen Asks Two Birds Bridesmaids how to choose your bridesmaids dresses. Michelle offers brides her 3 top tips for choosing your bridesmaids dresses.

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Video Transcript:

Ivy Ellen asks Two Birds Bridesmaid: How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m from from Two Birds Bridesmaid. My three top tips for choosing your bridesmaid dresses are:

1. Think about the time of year you are getting married and what you are going to use to compliment that colour. So think about flowers as well as accessories and that kind of thing.

2. Think about what’s going to suit your bridesmaids. So think about their colouring, what they feel comfortable in and the kind of colours they wear as well.

3. My third tip is think very carefully about the type of dress you are buying them and whether they are actually going to use it again.