Bridesmaid Dress Ideas | How To Choose Bridesmaid Dresses | Best Bridesmaid Dresses 2019

Finding bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful! We’ve put together a collection of our favourite bridesmaid dresses, perfect for weddings in the UK and abroad.

Links to all the outfits featured can be found below:

Outfit #1
Keeva Maxi Bridesmaids Wedding Dress Nude

Outfit #2
Wrap Front Maxi Dress In Hot Pink
Wrap Front Maxi Dress In Baby Blue

Outfit #3
Exclusive Alexis Navy Multi Way Maxi Bridesmaid Dress

Outfit #4
Amelia Maxi Dress Olive Green
Oval Crystal Headband Bridal Tiara

Outfit #5
Alexandra Column Maxi Dress In Navy
Crystal Circle Gold Stud Earrings

Outfit #6
Lana Dove Grey Maxi Bridesmaid Dress
Crystal Circle Gold Stud Earrings

Outfit #7
Mia Floral Wrap Maxi Beige
Crystal Circle Gold Stud Earrings
Nude Patent Barely There High Heels

Hi guys, wedding season is here. We’ve picked out some of our favourite bridesmaid dresses to cater for all sorts of weddings. Whether you’re getting married abroad or here in the U.K., we have something for everybody.

First up, I have this beautiful pink long embellished dress. This is lovely, especially if your theme is blush pink. This is a bit extra with bead detailing on top. This is double layered – the top layer is net which is really beautiful. This is beautiful and suits all sizes and shapes. It cinches you in here. It has a lovely embellished detail. This is perfect for a wedding.

Next up, this really beautiful blue dress. This is great for a summer wedding here in the U.K. The fit of this is lovely. Again, it fits all shapes and sizes. It cinches in at the waist but underneath it is elasticated, making it comfortable to wear all day long for bridesmaids. It has frill detailing here as well. It’s really flattering around here. It’s a beautiful colour for the summer. I’ve styled it here with nude shoes. We’ve gone for some cute bridesmaid hair to finish up the look. If you love the style and shape of this one but fancy something brighter, it also comes in hot pink, which works really well for a wedding abroad.

Next up, this navy dress. What’s great about this is the multiway tie. This is great for your bridesmaids if they like different styles. I’ve tied mine around the neck, crossed it over, gone around the front and to the back. There are many different ways that you can wear this. Navy is a really popular colour for bridesmaid dresses. The material of this is lovely and really comfortable. It flows nicely and looks great in pictures. We’ve simply done a cute hairstyle and added some high shoes to finish the look.

Next up, we have this beautiful long green slip dress. This one works really well if you’re looking for a simple bridesmaid dress. It’s really elegant. It has one strap. The asymmetric neckline is really cute. It’s a simple fit but a beautiful fit. It works really well with some barely-there shoes and a headband.

Next up, I’ve gone for this really beautiful navy one. Navy is a great colour for a wedding. It’s a popular bridesmaid dress colour choice. This is a nice long one and has the feature of a slit – it doesn’t go too high so it’s wedding appropriate, just above the knee. The straps go around here so my shoulders are out. At the back, there are extra straps which is a cute extra touch. I’ve added some barely-there shoes to this one. I’ve worn my hair up to show off the neckline and to finish the look.

Next up, this really pretty kind of grey dress. Now you may think that grey doesn’t work for a bridesmaid dress but it really does. It’s a nice neutral colour and will keep all the attention on the bride, yet keep the bridesmaids looking cute. It has a nice neckline and cinches in at the waist. It has a zip at the back and is kind of ruffled here. It has a nice flowy skirt which hangs really lovely. It’s super comfortable for bridesmaids to wear all day long. Again, I’ve added nude shoes to keep this simple and neutral.

Next up, this really beautiful floral print dress. You might think to avoid prints for bridesmaid dresses but this one works really well. It will complement a beautiful bridal dress really well. It’s really beautiful and cinches in here. It is a wrap style but you zip into it – the zip runs up the back. It’s got split but it does have a slip underneath so it is still very wedding appropriate. It works for different sizes and shapes as well. It comes with a waist tie so you can really cinch it in if you wish. I’ve gone for some nude shoes to finish the look.

There you have it, all of my favourite bridesmaid dresses. Comment below your favourite and don’t forget to like and subscribe.