Budget Friendly Bridal Shower/ No Frills, Just Fun!

**DISCLAIMER** If you are easily offended by crude and sexual humor, here’s your chance to turn back! Ok…so with that said, this video is not so bad lol, but there is definite sexual innuendo! Remember, it’s the brides last hurrah as a single woman!

This was not one of those perfect Pinterest worthy bridal showers…it was however a group effort and it was just as fun even without the price tag! Some of my sisters and I got together to throw my bride to be sister a bridal shower. It was simple and we all brought stuff to bring it together.

I realized to late that I lost some pictures and video, but it gives you a little bit of an idea of what went on. There was a lot more to the photobooth area and the decor. We had balloons all over the place and had a large DIY frame that said Lupe’s Bridal shower. It was DIYed using Dollar Tree stuff and it was perfect for a large group picture. Oh well!

Here are some budget friendly ideas you can use for a simple bridal shower, birthday party or wherever you think it will be useful and fun! The majority of the supplies purchased for this event were bought at the Dollar Tree and some of the game ideas were found on Pinterest. You can make it your own!