Bridal Shower Cookies (how to decorate) – Renee Romeo

Are you looking for ideas and how to decorate bridal shower cookies?
Here are some ideas and how to decorate bridal shower cookies, wrapped up into one enticing video. I highlight several different techniques that you can combine in different ways to make a wide assortment of cookies. My useful tips show you how to use royal icing differently. You can pipe the cookies when they’re wet or when they’re dry – really! It’s fun to manipulate the icing to create different cookie finishes. I use my Royal icing recipe to make a porcelain-like finish for each and every cookie.
Do you want a favor or a party tray?

It won’t matter because these treats will be displayed front and center at the party. I like to group mine together so that attendees can see all the designs at once. It is important to relate each cookie to one another and make a cohesive collection. Color choices are also important because they can match the wedding party colors and tie in with the festivities. If you’re sure to ask the bride for her preferences, she will appreciate the gesture even more. You can even have them coordinate with the bridal shower cake.
This is your chance to be artistic without being an artist. I will break each design down into small, manageable pieces so that you can concentrate on an individual dot or swoosh instead of a whole design in its entirety. The process is so much easier to grasp if you approach it in little snippets instead of the project as a whole. I am certain that you will present the bride with perfectly decorated cookies and she will think you purchased them from a professional. Prove her wrong and get decorating! Royal icing is the key to your success. Look for the recipe on my site. It won’t let you down.

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