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Learn how to keep wedding shower guests entertained with these great game ideas from TheKnot.com.

One standard game is called “Missing Ingredients”. Write down 10 simple food and drink recipes but leave out one ingredient (a cosmopolitan, brownies or chicken salad, for example). Make copies for everyone and have them guess what the missing ingredient is. Whoever guesses the most missing ingredients after the copies are collected and tallied, wins.

Another fun game is called “Purse Raid”. Guests look through their purses to see what items they have that the maid of honor is calling out. The first person to find the item in their purse wins a small prize.

“Bridal Bingo” is another very popular shower game. Think bingo but with a bridal spin. Each column can have a theme, for example: items on the registry or places the bride wants to go on her honeymoon. The first guest to get a full line across, up, down or diagonally from the list one of the maids reads out is the winner.

“Fill-in-the-Blank Wedding Vows” is another fun game. In this game, you asking everyone to help write the couples’ vows, but each person only gets to write one sentence. Pass around a clipboard that says “I (fill in the bride’s name) promise to take (fill in the groom’s name) and promise to” and another clipboard that says the reverse. Have each guest write down a phrase to complete the sentence, and then have them fold down their answer and pass it on.

If laughs are what you’re going for, consider a game we call “Wedding Night Preview”. While the bride is opening her gifts, one of the bridesmaids is secretly writing down the bride’s initial reaction to each gift. Everything from “Oh I love it!” to “You’ll have to show me how this works,” should be jotted down. The bridesmaid then announces that she’ll be reading what the bride will be shouting out on her wedding night, and proceeds to read the quotes back to everyone. While this might seem a bit cheesy, it’s actually proven to be pretty funny every time it’s played.

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