dark skin bridal makeup 😊 { Hindi }2017

Hey guys,

I hope u ol well In this video m gonna show u dark skin tone bridal makeup n i hope u enjoy my video i know back voice is annoying but my voice is clear its not annoy u again ……if want to learn then watch video till end
1) Moisturizer Vlcc
2)Cleanser vlcc
3)Primer kudos
4)Eye concealer Ellegirl Dark red
5)Face conclear Ellegirl
6)Base D5 derma
7)Base 626c krylon
8) Loose powder kudos
9)Highlighter camlin silver and gold
10)Eyeshadow pallet kudos
11) Eyegilter miss clear
12) Blusher miss rose
13) Lipstick kudos pink
14) Lipstick Me04 Red
15) Eyebrows pencil caemlin black
16)Eyeliner Gel kudos/ miss clear
17) Mascara kudos
18) Eyelashes Don03
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Thanks keep watching …..👍