Bridal Hairstyles With Flowers- 75+ Images Ideas

17 Hairstyles for Long Hair With Flowers

Style your locks with beautiful blooms for a fresh bridal look.
by Andrea Fowler

There are countless wedding hairstyles that can inspire your own bridal beauty look. If you want a style to best complement long hair and a few fresh blooms, you’re in luck—we gathered our 17 favorites.

Here’s a couple tips to start you off: Updos are great to tuck flowers in where you please; half-up, half-down styles provide a good base to decorate with a backward half-crown; and all-down hairstyles work best with a full flower crown. When it comes to the blooms, don’t pick anything that will weigh down your hairstyle. A couple heavy garden roses, for example, might be too much for a small bun. Also think about wilting—especially in hot weather. Opt for hearty blooms that can stand up to heat and a low water supply.

  1. Twisted Updo With White Wax Flowers and a Purple Anemone

    Wedding updo idea for long hair with flowers
    Justin Lee Photography
  2. Half-Up, Half-Down Curls With Bright Purple Orchids

    Wedding hairstyle for long hair with flowers
    Joie Elie Photography & Cinematography
  3. Loose Curls With Pink Ranunculus and White Japonica Pieris

    Long wavy wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Braedon Photography
  4. Low Messy Bun With White Wax Flowers and Purple Wildflowers

    Messy updo wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Old Pine Pictoral
  5. Half-Up, Half-Down Curls With Large Roses

    Long curly wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Andi Mans
  6. Messy Bun With Mums, Dahlias and Thistle

    Messy bun wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Brittrene Photography
  7. Fishtail Braid With Small White and Light Pink Flowers

    Fishtail braid wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Shea Christine Photography
  8. Loose Curls With a Baby’s Breath and Rose Flower Crown

    Loose curled wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Erica Mae Photography
  9. Braided Updo With White Stephanopoulos

    Low bun wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Echard Wheeler Photography
  10. Curled Updo With Small White Silk Flowers

    Formal curled wedding updo with flowers
    Jenny Haas Photography
  11. Long Waves With a Waterfall Braid and Oxeye Daisies

    Loose waves wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Brooke Pavel Photography
  12. Braided Updo With Baby’s Breath

    Braided bun wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Votive Photography
  13. Curled Side Ponytail With Orange Roses and a Sunflower

    Long curled wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Buena Lane Photography
  14. Loose Boho Updo With a Peach Garden Rose and Baby’s Breath

    Messy bun boho wedding hairstyle with flowers
    Erin Wilson Photography
  15. Cluster With Ranunculus, Anemone, Scabiosa Seed Pod and Succulent

    Wedding hairstyle with floral hair piece
    Fryefly Photography
  16. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down With Backward Rose Flower Crown

    Long curly wedding hairstyle with halo flower crown
    Michelle March Photography
  17. Loose Curls With a Bright, Colorful Flower Crown

    Long loose curls wedding hairstyle with a colorful flower crown
    Oldani Photography