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16 Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Let your locks down, in all their curly glory.
by Andrea Fowler

If you’re trying to figure out a fun way to style naturally curly hair for your wedding, you’re not alone. No-heat hairstyles were predicted to be a huge beauty trend this year—which applies more to everyday-wear rather than wedding day-wear, but it can definitely have an impact on the bridal hairstyle you choose if you’ve been letting your locks naturally dry more and more often leading up to the wedding day.

Curling your straight hair for the wedding? We have styles to inspire your look too! Check out our 16 favorite ways to style curly (or curled!) hair.

  1. Natural Curls

    Wedding hairstyle for long curly hair
    Carmen Santorelli Photography
  2. Loose Updo

    Wedding hairstyle for curly hair
    Derek Chad Photography
  3. Long and Loose

    Long curly wedding hairsyle
    V.A. Photography
  4. Half-Up, Half-Down Curls

    Half-up, half-down curly wedding hairstyle for long hair
    Photo Love
  5. Short Curls With a Hair Clip

    Wedding hairstyle for naturally curly hair
    Molly Jo Collection
  6. Natural Curls With Volume

    Naturally curly hair wedding hairstyle
    Mario Colli Photography
  7. Glamorous Volume

    Glamorous curly wedding hairstyle for long hair
    Matthew Druin Co. Photography
  8. Modern Middle Part

    Long wedding hairstyle with curly hair
    Jocelyn Filley Photography
  9. Natural Curls With a Boho Hair Crown

    Long natural curly hair wedding hairstyle
    Katina Patriquin Photography
  10. Medium-Length Curls

    Half-up wedding hairstyle with curls
    Emily Wren Photography
  11. Sideswept Curls

    Long curly wedding hairstyle
    Fusion Photography and Video
  12. Loose Curls With a Veil

    Medium-length wedding hairstyle for culy hair
    Shannon Moffitt Photography
  13. Embellished Hair Crown

    Curly wedding hairstyle for long curly hair
    Vitaly M. Photography
  14. Messy Low Ponytail

    Low ponytail wedding hairstyle for curly hair
    Anchored in Love
  15. Short Ringlet Curls

    Short ringlet curled wedding hairstyle
    Pharris Photography