Bridal Hairstyles Traditional- 75+ Pictures Ideas

Igbo Traditional Wedding Hairstyles For The Modern Bride

Igbo traditional wedding

The bride’s hair is her crowning glory, and her outfit cannot be complete without it. Knowing what kind of hair to make for your wedding should depend on your personality, your dress, and the theme of your wedding.

Modern brides are putting their own twist on Igbo traditional wedding hairstyles and serving us wedding goals.

We love these looks:

1. Braided updo

…just add beads.

2. A simple low ponytail

For when you have to go to work the next day

3. A modern bride

The fascinator is a modern touch.

4. We love the simple locs in a bun

5. A double bun for the playful bride

A bit of fun is always a good idea

6. Some Ghana braids for the culture

No need to change your hairstyle

7. A high bun for the naturalista

Zero fuss

The bride is the center of the Igbo traditional wedding, and so she should shine.