Bridal Hairstyles Side- 75+ Pictures Ideas

17 Sideswept Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Sweep your long locks to the side for a modern look that’s effortlessly cool.
by Andrea Fowler

Sideswept hairstyles have always been a popular look, then the shaved hair trend took the beauty world by storm and gave sideswept styles a bold new vibe, followed by the (more accessible) faux-shaved style which featured French braids or pinned back hair. Styled-to-the-side ‘dos are now so much more than a gathered sidepony.

Whether you’re going after romantic, sweeping waves or something with more edge, here are 17 styles to inspire your bridal look.

  1. Slicked-Back Side With a Deep Part

    Half-slicked hairstyle with a deep side part
    Linda Pauline
  2. Sideswept With a Birdcage Veil

    Long sideswept hairstyle with a birdcage veil
    Nicole Caudle Photography
  3. Sideswept Curls

    Sideswept and curled wedding day hairstyle
    Jess Barfield Photography
  4. Low Ponytail

    Long curly wedding hairstyle sideswept into a ponytail
    Janae Sheilds Photography
  5. Half-Up Straight Hairstyle

    Sideswept half-up straight wedding hairstyle
    Rhae Anne Photography
  6. Medium-Length Curls

    Medium-length wedding hairstyle with sideswept curls
    Endless Wave Studios
  7. Sideswept With Bangs

    Long curled hairstyle swept to the side
    Christina Laing Photography
  8. Glamorous Hair Combs

    Sideswept waves
    Shea Christine Photography
  9. Loose Side Ponytail With Tendrills

    Studio This Is
  10. Hair Crown Accessory

    Jessica Miriam Photography
  11. Sideswept With a Braid

    Sideswept wedding hairstyle with loose curls
    Ashley Paige Photography
  12. Low Messy Bun

    Low, sideswept messy bun wedding hairstyle
    Megan Moura Photography
  13. Subtle Highlights

    Medium-length sideswept curls wedding hairstyle
    William Poirer Photography
  14. Sleek Low Pony

    Sleek low ponytail wedding hairstyle
    Andi Mans Weddings
  15. Floral Hair Comb

    Twisted sideswept wedding hairstyle with a floral hair comb
    Lauren Fair Photography
  16. Sublte Waves

    Sideswept wedding hairstyle with subtle, natural waves
    Rebekah J. Murray Photography
  17. Tight Curls

    Sideswept wedding hairstyle with tight curls
    Carley K Photography
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